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Juhee An – Founder & Enabler

My True Passion

It was my sister who brought up the idea when visiting Seoul in 2016. “Why don’t you do it too?” I joined the herd and took the hormone tests to gauge my fertility. Despite the doctor’s genuine advice to rush, somehow it all made sense to put it off. The overwhelming amount of information to process was one thing and seemingly expensive cost and impossible 2 weeks of leave was another.

Quickly justifying that the natural conventional way is the best, raising my hope Mr. Right was around the corner, I continued to wait. I proclaimed that even if I couldn’t find ‘The One’, maybe it’s all meant to be. But I secretly believed that the universe is on my side and I’d be lucky in the end as I’ve always been.

I do not want you to wait like I did!

I dated diligently, making clear my objective to be in a serious long-term relationship rather than a casual one. But often it was perceived as a desperate aggressive woman pressuring for marriage. It was not ‘cool’. I was annoyed but I did want a man in my life. 

I looked around. There were so many women lamenting the scarcity of eligible bachelors and being anxious about their biological clock ticking. Even more surprising was the fact that Singapore bans single women to take fate into their hands.

Early in 2019, I went back to Korea for another attempt. After a hard, time-consuming research, I was seriously determined and picked a few hospitals. Alas, according to my records taken in 2015, my fertility was good enough back then. But this time the doctor dropped the unexpected bomb that it doesn’t make sense to freeze my eggs now…

I wish someone with good knowledge and empathy had convinced me on taking control of my future, and enlightened me on the procedures and technologies, and guided me on this empowering journey on my own terms. 

Now you know my mission.

Every single woman should be empowered by knowledge and options. Every single woman should be able to achieve their fertility goals on their own terms without feeling of vulnerability from the biological clock.

Our Service Offering

How We Can Help You

You won’t feel alone or abandoned. We are a team committed to hold your hands for comfort every step of the way.


Simply go to a Gynecologist in your neighborhood. But don’t know which doctors to contact or even how to book a session? We can help you.


Hotel and flight booking can be a tedious task. FeedomEdge will guide you with timeline setting. Airport pick up can be arranged.


Fruits, food, and vitamins that are proven to improve egg quality and quantity. Also food to avoid! We will encourage you to follow our guidelines for this very special occasion.


Revolutionary methods. Cost? Nothing! A proven effective home exercises will help you not only for egg freezing but overall health.


Frozen eggs are kept in your hospital. FreedomEdge can track your storage expiry and remind you.


Much deserved pampering and nourishing will wait for YOU! You can enjoy sightseeing or world-class skin care treatments and more. The trip will be fun and rewarding.

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