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Possible to beat the Biological clock? Freedom Edge empowers you with knowledge and access to overseas options. Take control of your future fertility.


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Is waiting for Mr. Right the only way to make your dreams come true? Don't leave your fertility future solely in the hands of another. Own your future.


Where should I freeze my eggs?

PGD & PGS Testing, Time-Lapse Monitoring Systems, Highest Number of IVF Cases handled in a year in Asia. A better clinic with a better doctor can double your odds of success of Egg Freezing and IVF.



The younger the egg the healthier it is. Ideal age: 24~34. Interested age group: 35~41


Social egg freezing is not available in Singapore. S.Korea has cutting edge technologies for ART. Your eggs will be kept safely under rigorous regulation.


Costs vary vastly depending on country, facility, and individual. USA $13K~16K. S.Korea US$5~6K. Affordable quality exists.


Why do women freeze their eggs?

In your dream, are you holding your baby? Have you had a hard time to date or been frustrated with relationships? Is your focus now career or education, and planning family not your priority?

Thanks to revolutionary technology like ART, Assisted Reproductive Treatments, now we have an option to preserve our future fertility. An increasing number of women freeze their eggs and the age to freeze is getting younger. Since 2015 more than 5,000 babies were born from frozen eggs. 

Why do women choose to freeze eggs?

  • Not having found the right partner
  • Career or educational focused
  • Lifestyle or travel plans
  • Medical reasons like chemotherapy

In addition, unexplained infertility issues are creeping up, and experts suspects aging, highly stressed modern lifestyle, unbalanced diet, and insufficient exercise affects both men and women. Egg freezing is now taken as the Plan B to the Plan B.

What people say about Freedom Edge

It was a blink of an eye when I passed 35. It was so hard to date in Singapore and I got anxious day by day. Once freezing was done, I felt so liberated and eased. Now I am more relaxed when meeting a guy.

A 36 year oldA corporate executive planning the 2nd round of egg freezing

After the split with my husband I had to take the faith into my own hand. Never know what the future holds, so I am waiting with a backup plan in place. Freedom Edge has helped with my diet and exercise regime, and we've taken a step by step toward the end of the journey!

34 years oldRegional Marketing Executive, IT Company in S.E.A.

I felt lonely and transactional when I met a doctor for a consultation that lasted for 15 minutes. Although I was briefed on the process it was scary to go through on my own. Wish I had known egg freezing earlier when I was much younger.

39 years oldA renowned business woman in the IT industry.

My sister is a fertility doctor who has seen it all. She insisted that I must do it before 30, so I got it done. I’d like to have my first child at 35. No side effects for my case. Freedom Edge doesn't take a service free, so I would definitely use it.

32 years oldA graphic designer

I am not sure if I want to have a baby. But in case I change my mind or my partner wants it, I could use healthier eggs and don’t mind spending money for that. Was an informative and structured session that covered what egg freezing entails, how it works, and cost. Will definitely ask Freedom Edge for guidance.

26 years oldA graduate student after one of our workshops.

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