What is AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) test?

By May 20, 2020 No Comments

It is a widely used fertility hormone that indicates drops of ovarian reserve. In the picture next shown it goes down as you get older. What does this imply?


The most frequently mentioned hormone, the AMH, followed by the FSH can be very helpful in predicting a woman’s response to fertility medications, if those medications are needed (which generally happens after a couple has tried to conceive naturally for a year). What they do not give us is a prediction of how fertile you are naturally, or how likely it is that you will struggle or get pregnant easily if you try at some point in the future.

There is data from one study showing that women of varying AMH levels conceived naturally at a similar rate and after a similar number of attempts.

In a nutshell, what AMH will give you is insight into how an egg freezing cycle will go if you choose to go that route — if you have a low AMH, expect to collect relatively few eggs, and feel the need to do several cycles to collect an egg number you feel confident in.