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In the fast-changing landscape of fertility, a new phrase has emerged, Eggcation. A combination of egg + vacation. What’s the buzz all about?
(The term is Trademarked by Valerie Landis, a enthusiastic young lady who also came up with Eggsperience and Eggology club)

This term was originated in US, Like most developed countries, the age of motherhood is increasing and the number of women giving birth for the first time in their 30s has exceeded the number of women giving birth in their 20s. Whereas for women over the age of 40, the number of births per year as doubled since 1990.

Sociologists believe that the trend of delaying childbearing has been ascending as more women focus more on their career and education. But the reality of the biological clock and social pressure to women are real and they have started looking at egg freezing as a form of liberty and freedom. Instead of worrying about family future now, it makes sense to freeze their healthier eggs for later use. Thanks to the advancing medical science and technology it has been considered globally to be a viable and attractive option for future family planning.

So what is Eggcation? The typical cost of egg freezing is, let’s face it, high. If you undergo multiple cycles, it can go above $30,000 in US. Some started looking for other countries where the procedure can be done at a much cheaper price. In the ever more connected world it’s not difficult to do research and arrange trips abroad if it can save thousands dollars even including travel expenses.

It doesn’t stop there. Likeminded ladies gather and plan traveling together; a group Eggcation. In this way, not only you can share expenses such as flights and accommodation, but also enjoy the vacation together during the journey. Egg freezing can be emotionally draining for some and the stress of being in a foreign country and undergoing it can be reduced by sharing the experience and supporting each other.

Eggcation together? Freedom Edge can connect you with likeminded ladies and help booking flights and accommodation for you. This journey should be FUN and CHERISHED and we can achieve it together.

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