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Age over 35?! Don’t rush just because your biological clock is ticking

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If you are a regular visitor to our website, you already know by now that egg freezing doesn’t guarantee a healthy baby later.

Since there is no way to find out the quality of eggs at the time of freezing, we could take into account statistical data, although limited, and success rates when making the difficult decision. Why? Because it is an incredibly expensive, invasive, time-conceiving, and emotional procedure for some we should consider all the factors relevant to a successful outcome.

Limited data available for success rates suggest that we need at least 15 eggs for those below age 35. This is because the whole egg freezing (and the second part of IVF process; from overstimulating, extraction, and freezing to thawing, fertilization, and transferring to the womb) is such an inefficient process. In each step, our frozen eggs will be fallen out. (See below)

How Many Cycles for me?

How about women age over 35? As you assume the quality and quantity then could be lower.

Because the facts ‘biological clock ticking’ or ‘quality deterioration with age’ and low AMH level exasperate you, you should not rush and join the herd of egg freezing troops.

Say, you are 40 years old with the AMH level is below average for your age group. Overstimulating your ovaries ended up with giving you only 5 eggs. As referred in the success rates, you need to do probably more than 3 cycles to get 15 eggs. It doesn’t end there. Because the quality of your eggs is most likely poorer than women below 35, your chances with 15 eggs will be lower. This means you need more than 15 eggs to get the same success rates as those of women age below 35.

It’s the reality of egg freezing, supposedly a revolutionary medical technology that hinges on age. So figuring out and calculating how many cycles you could afford and are willing to go through is crucial BEFORE jumping into a conclusion.

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