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Intimate & Interactive Workshop, Wed 1st of July at 8pm via ZOOM

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Hi all,
We are afraid that we will have to postpone our webinar due to some unforeseen reason. We’ve sent a follow up email to Edge ladies who have already signed up.

As soon as we find a suitable date in late July or Early August, we will announce! Apologies and hope to see you soon!

Again, I am not an outright proponent for egg freezing procedure, in fact, deep down, I am against it. My only wish is that I don’t want my friends to end up feeling that egg freezing is the only resort left for them to make their dream come true.

I CAN’t emphasize enough how important it is to think about our fertility health and smart management in early days of our lives. But if you are in a situation that egg freezing seems to be powerful option for you to achieve your future goals, please join us this empowering experience via Zoom.

Knowledge Is Power!

For our Zoom session, here are the focal points we will cover.

  1. What egg freezing entitles
  2. Does egg freezing actually work?
  3. Should I choose egg freezing?
  4. Importance of laboratory
  5. What’s the cost involved?
  6. What are the risks?
  7. Understanding the implication of trade-off with age
  8. Difference between egg freezing & embryo freezing
  9. QnA

We will make this session intimate and private. You’d feel comfortable enough to ask any questions throughout. There will be also a few worksheets given to you beforehand for you to brainstorm and work out your future priorities.

Please join us by leaving your personal particular here. Can’t wait to talk to you ladies!

7 pm on Wed 1st of July Sign up here!

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