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While waiting for the pandemic to pass; Caffeine & Alcohol

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In the previous post, we talked about Folic Acid that could mitigate the negative impact of environmental hormones such as BPA and other toxins. Wasn’t it a relief for you?

The next frequently asked question is on lifestyle choices and fertility; Caffeine and Alcohol. Let’s find out!

Coffee & Fertility

“Should I stop drinking coffee completely while conditioning my body for egg freezing?” “If drinking moderately is ok, how much is an ‘acceptable amount’?”

There is no shortage of data on how caffeine impacts a woman’s ability to conceive but there is a shortage of useful data. Nearly all of the studies are retrospective, subject to recall and self-reporting bias, and it can very hard to correct for confounders like smoking or the male partner’s intake.

For women trying to conceive naturally, the data conflicts about how harmful coffee intake is. It is hard to draw conclusions but today most experts say one to two cups of coffee per day is probably OK.

How about for fertility treatments?

Of the six quality studies on coffee intake and ability to conceive during IVF, five suggest moderate caffeine intake has no bearing on outcomes. For that reason, the stance is that roughly one to two cups* of coffee per day is permissible.

Once pregnant?

The data suggests caffeine intake is unhelpful, but the data is not totally universal. All things equal it’s probably best to avoid caffeine consumption at this period.

*One cup of coffee equates to about 100 mg of caffeine.

Drinking Alcohol & Fertility

The goal is not just to conceive, but also to have a healthy baby in the future. You can find a numerous data that show how alcohol impacts a woman’s ability to conceive. But let’s not confuse this for any possible implications to the offspring. It’s safest to avoid drinking any alcohol when trying to conceive during a woman’s fertile window. And if a woman conceives, doesn’t realize it, and continues to drink, the results can be harmful.

Conceive naturally

Most data suggests a woman can have a drink or two per day while trying to conceive naturally without harming her odds of success. A well-structured study shows a trend that women consuming 14 or more alcohol beverages per week were 18% less likely to conceive in a 12 month stretch, but beneath that 14 drink per week threshold made no difference.

*It did not matter whether these women drank wine, beer, or spirits.

For fertility treatments?

Two credible studies observed that moderate alcohol intake in the year before the IVF first cycle had no correlation with live births rates.

However, alcohol consumption in the immediate run-up to fertility treatment clearly has a negative effect. 

Smoking and Fertility

If one asks about the impact of smoking on fertility?

All studies consistently show that smoking dramatically lowers the odds of success for both natural conceiving and IVF.

So… Can’t even spare a space for smoking from here. Now hope you quit from today!

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