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Whitney On Her Decision To Freeze Her Eggs

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Watch “Whitney Bischoff: ‘Bachelor’ Winner Opens Up About Freezing Eggs”

In this video, Whitney (29) opens up about why she made a decision to freeze her eggs 2 years ago.

Whitney is a fertility nurse and she sees the trouble that couples go through to conceive, first-hand.

Why did Whitney choose to freeze her eggs at such a young age?

Whitney elabourated: ‘Seeing that every single day, first-hand, you hear patients say “I just wish I would’ve known” “I wish someone would’ve told me”‘

She felt that it was silly for her to not take the opportunity when it was handed to her.

She treated it as an insurance policy and hoped that she doesn’t have to use them.

Through the egg freezing techniques, she has helped couples to conceive over 30,000 babies through the technique of egg freezing.

Another doctor explains: ‘That’s what egg freezing is, be proactive upfront. Don’t wait until you have pathology, don’t wait until the problem is there. Then it’s too late. You want to be at the front end of it’

On who should consider doing egg freezing

Whitney said: ‘I would tell anyone to do it. I feel like just taking a lead and taking control of my body and my fertility, it checked off a lot of boxes for me’ 

According to the fertility team, the best ages to freeze your eggs would be between 25-35 years old. However, every women is different and we would advise you to check with experts to know what is best for you.

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