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The very existence of Freedom Edge hinges on the perplex Singapore law that stops single ladies from reserving their eggs and on the courage from ladies that wish to maximize their future fertility in overseas. If Singapore government lifts the restrictions it’ll be time for us to close the business.

The irony is we actually want it to happen soon and will be delighted!

Regardless, our campaigns continues in both Singapore and Korea; bring awareness of female fertility health and share unbiased, data-oriented information about egg freezing.

This part of the world is not awaken yet that too much social stigma and shame around female health issues still exist. We are dedicated to break the platitudes!

Another workshop took place in Seoul, which was with this amazing ‘female career development’ platform called ‘Heyjoyce’. Its mission is to empower career focused ladies by providing practical solutions, and encouraging their growth, networking, and helping self managements.

It was a live streaming event where you only look at a small camera instead of audiences. Despite the unfamiliar setting in a small room, the enthusiastic live responses were still delivered in the different kinds of dynamics and interactions.

Some of the feedbacks are:

  • I knew you are an expert, but it was so much more insightful information than what I expected, 200%, in understanding the subject that’s not easy to ask anyone for. I had a friend who has gone through egg freezing, but was hesitant to ask too many questions. I’m seriously considering egg freezing, so it was such a timely event and I appreciate it. I was hoping to hear your preferred hospital(s) but I didn’t ask as it’s not appropriate. Your well-articulated, structured, unbiased explanation helped me grab the contents easily and your professional presentation was impressive.
  • It’s admirable to embark on a career that contributes to the society like you did
  • I appreciated that you brought us such a comprehensive info that’s much needed to many women out there.
  • The well structured, valuable information was much useful and I thank you for the step by step approach to the technical aspects, not missing important facts.
  • So happy to gain practical and insightful knowledge that was not taught for the past 12 years in my schooling. I personally hope that any single women who wish to have a baby on her own could get an unrestricted access to IVF going forward in Asia soon enough.

Because of all these feedbacks, we also feel more motivated than ever to bring awareness to career minded ladies the importance of fertility health management.

If there is a similar female community in Singapore, would love to collaborate too.

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