“Do I get in troubles if I show up with an interest in egg freezing?”

Freedom Edge embarked on its mission because egg freezing is not available for single women in Singapore.

Our first open information sharing, GET Real women health #getrealwomenhealth, was a meaningful success!
Many awaken ladies showed up to seek knowledge in fertility health and acknowledged the availability of options and choices to them, and understood the importance of planning, taking control of their future early.
You know who you are!!

Waiting for a man to fulfill our dreams of a loving family won’t cut it in this modern world where the paradigm of dating/relationship/marriage/childbearing has been changed long ago. 

Freedom Edge is proud to be a blaze-trailer for bringing an awarenesses for fertility health and be a provider for real/practical solution in Asia. We will also continue to contribute to well being of women and to tame the shame around fertility care in anyway we can!
Join us in the empowering journey. Remember, we are here to hold you hands because, together, we are smarter!

*Please feel free to give us any feedback/opinion/suggestions so we can do more to help vulnerable ladies out there.

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