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Is there such a thing as ‘TOO LATE’?

By November 6, 2020 No Comments

Sometimes, looking at a matter from a different angle can be helpful for us to make an important decision in life.

If you are reaching late 30’s or going beyond 40’s, do you assume that egg freezing is like a preserving infertility? Is there really such a thing as ‘too late’?

We would like to throw you a question you might need to ponder upon before assuming that egg freezing after 40 is not a viable option.

What’s your answer to this hypothetical question?

If your answer to this is a ‘YES’, then it probably makes sense to freeze your eggs even at 40 years old.

As you have seen in our previous post, women at 40 has higher chances to conceive, when using IVF with, than women at 42 or 44.

(Of course, you might need more than once to collect a comfortable number of eggs to have the same chances of the age of 40.)

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