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Perfect Timing

By March 22, 2020 May 16th, 2020 No Comments

Message from Juhee during Covid 19 lock-down

Exercise at dawn, work in the morning, lunch, a short walk, and work again. After sunset dinner, make video calls with friends in Singapore. Very occasionally, one on one dine-out is inserted. Falling asleep, your day is well over. And infinite repetition continues…

After canceling visit to Singapore, my daily routines are so slow and simple. With almost all events and social gatherings canceled I felt lonely at times in the mega city of Seoul. Yet, I chose to make the best out of it. With time saved from commuting and meetings I started writing and reading and made it habit, hoping I could meet a better ‘me’ in the end of the long dark tunnel of the pandemic. When Newton was sent home during the period Black plague, it was then and there he understood the Gravity.

What do you find yourself doing on the given extra hours at home? If you’re doing something that might shape your future, that’s priceless. Don’t just wait for ‘perfect timing’. It does’t work that way. It might well be now and here to nurture perfect timing.

Freedom Edge connects women who want to freeze their eggs to Korean medical facilities that’s carefully chosen by me. I will guide you from preparation to procedure and to finishing. Today is a perfect day to imagine and act on your future.

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