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What are the questions to raise before choosing medical travel

By February 9, 2020 May 20th, 2020 No Comments
In the past, as a novice info seeker, I did make a couple of mistakes, which led me to delay freezing my eggs.
Here are a few points I want you to keep in mind when starting research on the subject. It’s from my perspective so I’d love to hear your different opinions if any.
1. Necessity to check the legitimacy of articles or data on media
-Check who are the publishers and pay attention to their intention with the articles.
-With the fast developing world of reproductive medicine & technology and the equally speedy change of society, data available to us might be old and not really viable to apply today.
2. Criteria to choose a clinic
-IVF and egg freezing are inseparable. Egg freezing is perceived to be easier and simpler. Yes for the procedure itself for us, but not for a successful outcome
-Two important questions to ask- 1. The clinic has sufficient experience in BOTH freezing and thawing eggs? 2. Does it have good track records in IVF? (What’s success rate?)
3. If cost is a concern and don’t mind going abroad for the procedure
-Don’t get distracted by fancy interior design and too cheap cost that’s offered.
-Proper governance on clinics is important for the safety of your frozen eggs.
-So is infrastructure for smooth sequencing procedures for potential IVF. Advanced technology and equipments should be obtained and operated.
In a nutshell, what we can control as a patent is to increase chances to get successful outcome after spending our precious time, energy, and money. So it makes sense, on each and every step of the journey, we try to make the right choices.
Let us know if you have any questions or support from us.


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