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It was only a year ago that single women in Singapore were delighted with the news that they could freeze their eggs although it was only for women age below 35. I knew that, to Freedomedge, it would result in lower profits as the pool of potential clients could be smaller. But I was happy that many women had the option to prepare for the future.
Last week, Singapore raised the age limit for single women to freeze their eggs from 35 to 37. Two years may have been added considering a number of factors, but it still limits women’s options. Women at the age of 38 or older have no choice of hope in egg freezing. It is ironic that they are the ones old enough to consider egg freezing with more caution. It is regrettable to think that women have no ability to exam and judge a medical option on their own.
Kimberly from South China Morning Post touched the topic and asked my opinion.

I think it is a little out of date that the future of a woman dreaming of a child depends on the existence of a “husband” and is determined by that. Time have changed.

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