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Supplements to take even BEFORE considering egg freezing?

By April 11, 2022 No Comments

Doctors and experts say that you don’t need expensive ones as long as they contain daily recommended amounts of nutrients.

The most essential nutrients that could enhance the quality of your eggs, for future needs like egg freezing or IVF, are definitely folic acid, various vitamins, and Omega3.

I assume you have stumbled upon Freedom Edge website when you were researching on egg freezing. Either because you are aware of your fertility health or because you are seriously considering egg freezing you must start taking supplements before any decision making.
We need to make up for our negligence on our reproductive health as soon as possible, not to mention this is a vary first step when we start the egg freezing journey.

The three mentioned earlier, folic acid, various vitamins, and Omega3 are scientifically proven, almost undisputed supplements backed by various medical data and studies.
It’s minimum!
Just to share some of products we recommend for your reference showing commonly purchased brands in the medium price range. (Certainly not an advertisement. Supplements DO NoT have to be expensive at all!)

Oh, we forgot putting my Omega 3 together! But again, what you can find at any pharmacy counters will do.

Also, remember this. Often times our body absorbs nutrients better by food than supplements. (For diet, please click here!)
It goes without saying that It’s important to have a balanced diet regime, preferably fertility enhancing ones like mediterranean diet, while taking the said pills.

You’ve immediately started taking these? Then it’s time to call Freedom Edge for further support!

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