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Let them choose if not support

By December 15, 2020 No Comments

It all started with my personal wish to have a baby one day. A simple thought of using frozen, younger, eggs some day with Mr. Right seemed sensible because I don’t need to look for a husband desperately for the sake of marriage. Through the help of modern medical treatment, egg freezing, the values of traditional family frame can still be held up for some.

Recently, Korea’s well-known celebrity, who froze her eggs years ago, gave a birth via IVF(In-vitro fertilization) in Japan. She had to fly there because she couldn’t get sperm donation, not alone IVF in Korea. That sparked a debate; Can the vary same technology used for married women be used for single women?

If I see a woman ready and capable of raising a child financially, mentally, and physically and if it’s her decision to undergo the daunting work alone for whatever reasons, I can only imagine the amount of dedication she’d put and sacrifice she’d spare for her child. Will there be any less devotion for her child because she is alone…?

I was requested for an interview in a prime time news of a national TV. Supposedly I was to talk about egg freezing, fertility healthcare, and women’s choices. But I was portrayed as a woman having struggled to get sperm donation…. hm…

But their well intention was to provoke much needed discussion about restrictions and limits on fertility treatments for single women wanting to have a baby so it didn’t really bother me.

We are living the modern world where women are well educated, getting a good job, securing higher social status, but social sentiments and healthcare systems for female healthcare are still stuck in antiquated manners.

If it’s too much to ask to give single women support for preserving humanity, just give them ‘options to choose’ regardless of their marital status.

December 2020

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