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Mission Continues: Workshop in Seoul

By August 11, 2020 No Comments
Freedom Edge was set up to help single ladies who want to explore their fertility options in overseas because egg freezing is not available for them in Singapore.
Since the Covid 19 outbreak, we all have faced different challenges in various forms, and so is Freedom Edge.
However, our mission, to empower women to take care of their fertility health with knowledge and options, has been continuing in Seoul, where the pandemic has been contained in an early stage without a complete lock-down.
We’ve conducted a number of workshops and knowledge sharing with different entities in Seoul.
Freedom Edge wishes everyone stays strong and safe!

Juhee's palpable story resonated with me. Also specific and concrete data backing information made it all understandable and reliable. Ah..but the fact that decision still needs to be made by me doesn't make it easy!

Susie Kim

The workshop was outright helpful for me. Will consider egg freezing seriously at the end of this year

** Lee

Loved the workshop that covered from A to Z of egg freezing. I'm glad that, if I ever undergo the procedure, now I know how to start and what to ask at the different stages of the journey. The whole ambiance at the workshop was comfortable enough to share stories freely with ladies with similar interests.

** Jin
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