What can we possibly do to boost our fertility health?? – BPA

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BPA is a chemical called bisphenol A and is a resin used to make water bottles, food package containers, receipts, and etc. BPA has been shown to interfere with ovarian development!

Some studies run to understand how bisphenols impact fertility and they have shown little association.

But researchers found some interesting facts! 

In a Dutch study(Philips et al), 900 pregnant women and measured their urinary levels of BPA and compared it with how long it took them to conceive, they noticed something intriguing: those who took enough folic acid were not delayed by bisphenol exposure. However, those not taking enough folic acid experienced the detrimental effects.

In addition, a Harvard study (Minguez Alarcon et al) confirmed the similar effects by Folate. The group of patients who consumed less folate were negatively affected by greater BPA exposure. Those who consumed more folate witnessed no decline in pregnancy rates after increased BPA exposure.

The same team did a similar analysis based on soy consumption and noticed the same phenomenon: those who consumed soy appeared more protected from the negative effects of greater BPA exposure.

Now you know what to do the next time when you do online shopping??!!

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